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T H E   R I D E :

RINSE CYCLE is a community of individuals who believe in the power of ​sweating it out to the beat and relentlessly pursue strength, greatness, and that so fresh and so clean feeling.

The ride itself will challenge and strengthen your entire body and mind. Every ride is a full-body workout designed to refresh and strengthen both your mind and body. RINSE CYCLE combines an intense cardiovascular workout, micro bike movements and full body toning cued and influenced by the beat of the music. All this happens on a bike that is not so stationary. Rides take place on Real Ryder bikes which the rider can turn side to side. These bikes not only increase core and arm strength, they burn 20% more calories, and they are super fun.

Classes are set to unique playlists and each instructor is different – keeping you energized, inspired, and challenged. RINSE CYCLE believes in the power of combining music with movement and its influence on your mood and workout. Connect with the beat, and ride it. 

We ride to rinse out our day, we ride to get better, we ride to stay fresh, and be the best version of ourselves. We ride united. We ride to the beat. We ride as one. We are all in this together because together we are stronger.


T H E   D E T A I L S :

WHAT TO BRING: a water bottle, gym shoes or cycling shoes with SPD cleats, and all that tenacious energy. We provide the towels for serious sweat.

WHAT IS A 'PRE-RINSE'? The PRE-RINSE CYCLE is a 50 minute foundational ride designed to build endurance and strength. This ride works on technique, finding the beat, and core strength to set riders up for success when ready to move into the CLASSIC RINSE CYCLE. A challenge for all levels.

Ok, so WHAT IS A 'CLASSIC RINSE'? An intermediate ride designed to strengthen your entire body and mind. 50 minutes of connecting movement with amazing jams that will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean.

The 'EXTRA RINSE'? A 60 minute ride for riders who want extra. Extra time, extra choreography, extra core, extra speed, and extra intense. Oh and extra sweat. Experience in CLASSIC RINSE CYCLES recommended.

And, the 'SUPER RINSE'? We don't claim to be Oprah, but we do think a good RINSE can be refreshing for the soul. This ride is designed to create a soulful experience. You can expect more of an endurance ride with a slow burn set to a playlist that reflects the movement. A perfect reset to move you into a new week with intention, courage, and focus. 

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