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Everyone deserves a space where they can be authentically who they

are and who they need to be in that moment. RINSE was created to be that

space, to use movement to empower individuals, and to build connection

to self and community. Beat based cycling and bootcamp is utilized as a method to improve awareness and brain chemistry (& bonus: it is so much fun). Combined with thoughtfully curated playlists, distraction-free spaces, and a positive message, you are sure to walk out feeling refreshed and energized.

At RINSE, the focus is always on how something feels. We let go of image,

numbers, and screens to fully step into the power we have in the moment.

The emphasis of every class is foundational strength and growth - to  find

something you can do and to do it incredibly well.

We move to rinse out our day, we move to feel our strength, we move to stay

fresh, and to be our authentic selves. We move to the beat and when we do

so, we move as one. We are at our best when we are ourselves and at our

strongest when we are together.



DAYTON: located in midtown at 760 S Patterson BLVD

Utilizes Real Ryder Bikes - with a weighted flywheel and two pivot

points, these bikes give a next level challenge to the core. Mimics a

realworld bike with a rear chain drive that provides a natural motion

and is so good to your joints. There is a learning curve but the

benefits dopay off with time and patience.

Our schedules release on Sunday evening at 5pm for the following

Monday-Sunday. This allows you to plan your week ahead and book 

all your classes for the week on one day. You must have credits or a membership on your account in order to book into a class. Spot selection is available in all rides and in the bootcamp at Norwood. We recommend anyone first time select a bike in the back to be able to see the flow of a ride and get solidly into the rhythm.


BRING: a water bottle, gym shoes or cycling shoes with SPD cleats, and all that tenacious energy. We provide the towels and have most common toiletries if you plan to shower after. We have water bottles for purchase in studio (disposable and reusable).

WEAR: We recommend wearing form fitting pants or shorts and a light weight, breathable top. 

ARRIVE EARLY: Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class. This ensures we get your properly set up on a bike or for bootcamp, give you a tour and answer any questions that you have. If you arrive 5 minutes or later to the class start time you will not be guaranteed a spot in the class.

SAFETY: It is important to check in with your body and bike/equipment prior to the class. Make sure all handles are tightened, shoes are clipped/tightened in, etc. We are big on foundation and moving at your pace, so always choose what is best for you. Our team is available at all times to answer any questions you may have and help with form/set up.

SET UP: A member of our team will help you will bike/equipment set up as many times as you need. Please give yourself plenty of time to familiarize yourself with the tension and what the bike feels like sitting/standing.

WAIVER: When you make an account through our scheduling software it has you agree to terms and conditions which includes our waiver. We have it available to review in your account and when you arrive in the studio. We may ask for it to be filled out in studio to get a bit more information from you (like your emergency contact).




There is an 8 hour cancellation window for all classes to allow us to accommodate as many people as possible who want to attend classes. If you cancel within the window you will lose a credit or if on an unlimited will be charged a $10 fee. If a class is no showed the pass will be forfeited or a $15 fee for unlimited members will be applied. Passes do have expiration dates from 1-9 months. They are discounted off the normal drop in because of the frequency of use in a set time frame.


CLASSIC: our go to ride designed to strengthen your entire body and mind. 50 minutes of connecting movement with amazing jams that will leave you feeling so fresh and so clean. For all levels, modifications always available.

PRE-RINSE: a 50 minute foundational ride designed to build endurance and strength. This ride works on technique, finding the beat, and core strength to set riders up for success when ready to move into the CLASSIC RINSE CYCLE. A challenge for all levels.

EXTRA RINSE: 60 minute ride for riders who want extra. Extra time, extra choreography, extra core, extra speed, and extra intense. Oh and extra sweat. Experience in the CLASSIC is recommended.

SUPER: We don't claim to be Oprah, but we do think a good RINSE can be refreshing for the soul. This 50 minute ride is designed to create a soulful experience. You can expect more of an endurance ride with a slow burn set to a playlist that reflects the movement. A perfect reset to move you into a new week with intention, courage, and focus. 

POWER: An athletic ride that switches up the normal structure. The core is challenged by incorporating foundational movements with a single dumbbell while riding in two songs. You can also expect to try more athletic based choreo, to push resistance at a quicker cadence, and build more body connection by challenging the brain as well. Modifications are shown and welcomed.

EXPRESS: Our signature ride packed into a tight 40 minute turn around. Resistance pushes, foundational choreography, and as much sweat and hustle as our 50 minute rides so expect to get after it right from the start.

BOOTCAMP: An athletic, beat based workout utilizing weights, bands, and body weight movements (no cycling). We took the feeling of our rides and packaged it up without the bike. Highly functional moments. Bring a mat!

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