Here is what you should know about operations in response to COVID-19:


•Riders are permitted to enter the studio 10 minutes prior to the start of the ride. Masks are required at all times except when riding. Temperatures will be checked upon entering the building.

•We ask if you have any COVID-19 symptoms please cancel your ride, we will be understanding with the cancelation policy.

•Hand sanitizer is provided and we ask that you sanitize or wash your hands before and after the ride.

•We ask that you pack light - no large bags, and we respectfully ask that if you are able to safely secure your personal items in your car. We have small baskets by each bike for items such as keys, wallet, and phone if necessary (but maybe give that tech a break).

•No weights or towels for the time being - bring your own towel and water bottle. Oh and according to the state, water fountain usage is a no go.

•Locker rooms are for necessary restroom use and hand washing only. According to state guidelines, there is no showering, changing, storing items, or otherwise cleaning up before/after the ride. Please plan accordingly, this is necessary in our compliance and ability to remain open.

•An air purifier and ionizer runs constantly during rides to remove air borne particles and we have an electrostatic sprayer with a hospital grade cleaner that is used on all bikes and surfaces in between rides.

•Cleaning is done daily and in addition we have a professional cleaner that deep cleans the entire space weekly.

•If you would like to catch up post ride you are welcome to in the parking lot, but unfortunately we can't have you staying in the space. 

•Please maintain social distancing of 6 feet plus at all times! 

•Bikes are a minimum of 6 feet apart but most are 9 feet apart. See bike map below for selection in the room.

That's all the main stuff but there is more behind the scenes to keep everyone safe. So if you have any questions or anything we can help with please let us know!